4 Secrets For Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

4 Secrets For Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Roughly 3 in 10 Americans describe themselves as single. Only half of that group says they’re open to relationships/dating.

That’s a somber truth for single people that are seeking partners. All the more reason, though, to make sure you work on holding onto relationships when you’re lucky enough to have one.

Having a healthy relationship that stands the test of time is a learned skill that alludes many. While we can’t educate you on everything required to keep a relationship alive, there are a few low-hanging secrets we can impart that can get you on the right track.

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1. Communicate More Than You Feel the Need To

As we gain more comfort with partners, many of us fall into a fallacy referred to as the “mind reader” fallacy. This fallacy comes about when one partner assumes that their partner does or should know something that has not been expressly communicated.

Holding that assumption is a recipe for failure.

If there are important things you need in your partnership, make that known, even if doing so feels awkward. By expressly level-setting expectations with your partner, you remove the guesswork from the equation and set yourself up for a healthy relationship.

2. Remove Bad Influences From the Mix

Bad influences in relationships usually come in the way of negative friends and family members. What’s worse is that these people tend to not bluntly request you leave your partner. Instead, they plant seeds of doubt wherever possible to manipulate you into making that decision on your own.

If there’s somebody in your life that never has anything positive to say about your partner, reassess your relationship with that person. There’s a good chance they’re jealous or stand to gain something by you being single.

3. Make One Another a Priority

As you get older, thousands of things will be competing for your attention. Work, kids, hobbies, etc. Never lose sight of the fact that at the foundation of all that should be your relationship with your partner. At least if having a serious, committed relationship is important to you.

Even when it feels like it’s not what you want to do, prioritize your partner’s needs over your own, make time for them, and ask how they’re doing.

Simple things like that will keep resentment at bay.

4. Grow Together

Planning on taking a new class? Want to get a bunch of new tattoos? Looking to solo travel to a new place to prove to yourself you can?

All of that change, while empowering to you, can be scary for your partner and might leave you wondering, “How can I save my marriage?”, when change leads to friction. The good news is that it doesn’t have to if you make clear that you want to grow and would like your partner to come along for the ride.

The more inclusive you can be in your growth, the more your partner will support you on your journey.

A Healthy Relationship Is Within Your Power to Have

You’ve just taken in 4 solid tips on how to have a healthy relationship. If you take each of those tidbits to heart, we’re confident that your success with your lover and your life will improve.

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