Selecting the best budget high pressure

Selecting the best budget high pressure

It's easy for one to think that all pressure washers are tough and expensive to operate. Many believe that these machines are for contractors and handypersons. That's wrong. It's possible to get some of these best machines for under $200, working the same way their expensive counterpart’s work. The machines will help you clean your car, patio, walls, sidewalks, and other places easily. They help you do all these at a lower price.

Here are the cheap machines if you need one for your home.

Sun Joe SPX300 2030 Electric high-pressure washer

The machine has many things to like, with the overall versatility topping the list. Its motor is 1800 W, giving more than 2000psi and handling around 1.76 GPM. An average pressure washer is about 1450 psi, and it can do most of the cleaning tasks. The San Joe machine has two 0.9 liters detergent tanks. The machine will handle the tough dirt and grease when using a suitable detergent.

The machine's total stop system (TSS) automatically shuts down the machine when you abandon the trigger. It will save you from accidents in case you drop the horse.

The machine has a 34-inch extension wand. It also has a 35-foot power code that has water protection. Add on the needle-shaped cleaning tool and the five quick connect included. The machine has everything you can imagine and need for general cleaning purposes.

Be keen on the plastic screws connecting the water outlet/hose. The machine is the most delicate (fragile) among the other machines. You need to ensure you got the correct one without any defects.

Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer

It has an attached bottle for the detergent to give foam spray perfect for cleaning ingrained dirt and grit even on tough surfaces. It's a perfect machine for outdoor surfaces, vehicles, and appliances.

It has a 25-foot pressure hose, and 4 quick connect nozzles with a two-year warranty. It handles 2150 psi on average.

Its wheels are maneuverable but remember that the directing wand is short. The shorter pressure hose length implies you need to be more creative to reach distant targets.

Sun Jose SPX1000 1450 Electric Pressure Washer

This one runs on electrical power like the previous sun Jose machine and provides around 1450 psi water pressure. The 1450psi is the maximum load, whereas a typical load is around 1150 psi.

It's perfect for driving away grime and grit from hard surfaces and working on wooden surfaces without damaging the material. The machine also has the TSS with an adjustable wand to direct sprays. If you need a cheap alternative, this is the best option to last you for some years.

GreenWorks GPW1602 Pressure Washer 

It's lightweight and portable, with its motor producing a maximum of 1600 psi. You can use it vertically or horizontally because of the compact design and the small size. It has a 20-foot pressure hose.

It has a soap applicator that allows mixing soap with pressurized water. You can clean any dirt with ease. The machine comes with a 35-foot power cord with water protection on any external outlet.

It has a lighter motor, and the psi ratings can be lower than 1100 depending on the type of power outlet you will use. It's a perfect choice for residential needs.


The above are the top picks for the best budget high pressure washers you will meet in the market. Pick the most affordable one that has the features that you want.