Step-By-Step Guide On The Use Of A Pressure Washer

Step-By-Step Guide On The Use Of A Pressure Washer

Now that most homes genuinely appreciate the importance of a hygienic environment, almost every home has resolved to buy their pressure. This does not come as a shock when we consider the significant contribution that pressure washer adds to the cleaning of the house. This equipment helps to blast away tough stains, dirt, and grime off surfaces by the action of water coming at very high pressure from the machine.

However, this fantastic cleaning tool tends to damage the surfaces you intend to clean when operated incorrectly. To help you avoid this and allow you to enjoy the best benefits the use of pressure washer has to offer. We have created a guide to help you operate a pressure washer correctly.

Step By Step Guides

  • Clean Your Surface Area: Before you start pressure washing anywhere in your home, you must sweep or brush off the dirt that is not stuck on the surface you intend to clean.
  • Connect The Right Hose To The Water Inlet: The next thing to do is connect to your pressure washer a hose with matching GPM ( Gallon per minute). You should ensure that the connected hose is free of any form of blockage.
  • Fill The Solution Compartment: The next thing to do is fill the solution reservoir with whatever cleaning chemical you intend to use to clean. It is important to note that using cleaning solutions is entirely optional.
  • Adjustment Of The Spray Wand And Nozzle: To prevent an improper kickback that may occur when you suddenly turn on your washer at high pressure, it is recommended that you set your spray wand to shallow pressure when starting. It is advisable to set washer nozzles at very low pressure or altogether remove the tip on washers that use interchangeable tips.
  • Switch On The Tap: After you have completed these steps, you can switch on the tap controlling the flow of water from the reservoir.
  • Then squeeze the spray trigger to drop the air pressure.
  • Inspect your hose connection for leaks.
  • Start The Engine: ¬†You can then start the pressure washer engine and allow the water to go through the washer to warm it up a bit. All you have to do is pull out the starter cord with force to start the gas-powered engine.
  • Clean With Low Pressure: Holding the wand firmly and grounding your feet well into the ground, you can start cleaning at low pressure by maintaining a safe distance (16-17inches away) from the cleaning surface and adjusting the washer nozzle 45 degrees to the surface. If you need more pressure on the dirt, you can always move a few inches closer to increase it.


Cleaning your house has never been easier with the aid of a pressure washer, so long as you know the right way to handle it. You can always get your pressure washer at the website It's such a piece of special equipment that everyone should know how to operate.