Things You Want To Know About Rug Gun

Things You Want To Know About Rug Gun

A rug gun is an equipment that is often used to automate the tufting process, particularly in the field of rug production. The yarn is fed through a hollow needle that enters the stretched textile backing to create a length that may be adjusted. They can usually make two types of rugs: cut pile and loop pile. The customizable speed cut pile tufting gun will help you manufacture carpets fast and effortlessly, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Using it is very easy and it operates very smoothly. A handy rug gun is a must for a rug business.

In this article the features of rug guns, how it is an aid for the rug-making business, and where to buy your handy rug gun from has been discussed.

Features Of The Rug Gun

In this section, various features of rug guns are discussed thoroughly which will definitely help.

Made Of Stainless Steel

The rug guns are made up of stainless steel. One of the best and most popular characteristics of stainless steel is that it is completely corrosion-resistant, this resistance helps them last longer. Along with being corrosion-resistant, they are fire and heat-resistant too which adds to the benefit of using stainless steel as a material for the rug gun. They also provide an aesthetic appearance to the rug gun making them look unique. The use of stainless steel also has a long-term value.

Easy To Carry Around

The rug gun is quite handy and easy to carry around. It can be felt when being used. Its utilitarian and ergonomic design gives it a very modern look. It’s precise and sensitive and feels easy and pleasurable when being used. It is also not that heavy, so it will not put much pressure on your arms and shoulders while using it and can be taken from one place to another very conveniently.

Variation in Sizes For Different Yarns

The rug gun has different options of heads to choose from for working with different kinds of yarn. It works with acrylic, cotton, wool, and many other materials of yarns. For each material, it has a different head that can be attached to it and the work can be completed very easily, you don’t need to purchase a separate rug gun for different materials it comes along with different heads that assist you while tufting. Although canvas, muslin, and other woven fabrics can’t be tufted.

Easy To Fix

Good items are simple and straightforward to use. They have a hierarchical base that allows the user to effortlessly operate on their various aspects. So is the case with rug guns, they are easy to use and fix. They are not very complex machines that will take both your time and money in large amounts, these are easy to repair and install. It comes with an instruction manual that is easy to read and follow.

Best Aid For Rug Making Businesses

A rug gun as the name suggests is one of the best aids for rug-making businesses, they help them to work with different materials at the same time. Rug guns also make the production process fast as tufting rugs manually is a very tedious and time taking process. Rug guns also help in giving greater satisfaction to employees which thereby improves efficiency.


With the features and advantages of rug guns known, it is time to choose the best option available in the market for buying them. When looked into, Alibaba comes as the best place to go when purchasing a rug gun. They offer superior quality at an economical price, and the offers which they have is quite attractive. Moreover, the trust that consumers have in Alibaba is another reason why you should buy them from Alibaba.